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Proud Hautean, VCSC Graduate, ISU Graduate, Teacher's Wife, 2E Mom, Education Advocate, and hopefully your next School Board Member! 

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Why is this website so green?

My oldest son, Ender, is an amazing kid - actually he's an exceptional kid. He is Twice Exceptional (2E). With his permission, I'd like to tell you about him. I call him Ender Engineer, and this shade of green is his favorite color. 

Ender showed us his exceptionalism immediately. He was an early walker, talker, builder, and thinker. He was unrully, hard to handle, and a little wild. He tested us - still does! - and we did everything we could to make sure he was ok. 

But something told us maybe we needed a little extra help. We started down a long road of psychological testing, evaluations, behavior therapy, doctor visits, medication, and endless trips to the principal's office. 

Then we heard Twice Exceptional. Ender is gifted, and he carries an ADHD/high anxiety diagnosis. Traditional schools have been hard on him, on us, on his teachers. We moved him from school to school, hoping for the right fit, and nothing seemed to be what he needed. 

Finally, we found a gifted magnet school. He passed the test. We thought our problems were solved. But things just got worse, and they culminated in some truly heartbreaking moments. 

That's when drastic change had to happen. His mental health had deteriorated to the point that we were truly scared of what might happen next. So last year, as a fifth grader, he was a Connections Academy student. Connections is an online public school. 

That has changed our lives. Ender is happy again. He is eating, sleeping, no longer needing medication, and generally thriving. He does things that amaze me on a daily basis, and I'm so proud of him. 

I want all kids to have what Ender has - the environment they need to learn, thrive, grow, and enjoy education! I'm so proud of the VCSC's bold move to incorporate an online school option, and I hope with all my heart we can reach kids - like mine - who will do great things if we will make bold choices and let them be who they are, where they are. 


At Home in Vigo County

Terre Haute is my hometown. The public education I received in Vigo County has opened tremendous opportunities for me, and I am so grateful and proud to be a Hautean at heart. I feel strongly that it is my turn to give back and preserve and improve the system that helped me and my husband succeed in life. We have two sons, Ender and Augustus, and we want the best for them.

Professional Experience 

After graduating from ISU, I went straight to Capitol Hill, where I worked as a US Senate Staffer. I then returned home to Indiana to serve as speech writer and advisor to former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman. I have worked in health care, defense, economic development, and now devote my professional energies to education. My current position as Government Relations Director with Project Lead The Way allows me to be an advocate for policies that increase access and opportunities for students and teachers, particularly in the STEM fields. I work in multiple states and have a front row seat to the best practices and problems facing our public schools.

Credentials and Education 

I am a proud Sycamore, with two degrees from Indiana State displayed prominently in my office. My undergraduate degree (BA, 2003) was in Political Science and French, and I earned my Masters in Public Administration in 2015. Additionally, I have earned certificates and courses in economic development and finance through Ball State University and Harvard Business School Online.


Candidate Forum: Meet Amy Lore

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