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Terre Haute is my hometown. The public education I received in Vigo County has opened tremendous opportunities for me, and I am so grateful and proud to be a Hautean at heart. I feel strongly that it is my turn to give back and preserve and improve the system that helped me and my husband succeed in life.

My two sons, one who will enter the VCSC as a kindergartener in coming years, and one who has special needs, are my motivation to work in and improve our education system. 

My vision is simple. It includes strong accountability, particularly in financial decisions, and collaboration with our community. These are achievable when we vote for Board Members who are knowledgable, passionate, and hardworking. I hope you will find all those qualities in me as I work to earn your vote.

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As an experienced professional in state and federal policy, it is my job to know the people and understand the policies that dictate how we operate at the local level. 

As a mom, it is also my job to advocate for the best for my sons and their needs.



We can make Vigo County the place people choose to learn, to work, and to be, but we must do it together with economic development, higher education, and industry.



Indiana is moving back to its home-rule roots. That means more responsiblity for local school board, and it is critical for us to be open and transparent about their work.


Candidate Forum: Meet Amy Lore

The League of Women Voters and Vigo County Public Library collaborated to bring voters a comprehensive candidate forum. Check out this video with Amy's responses!



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