Indiana is moving more and more back to its home-rule roots - returning important decision-making authority to local school boards. That means it is increasingly important for our board operations and members to be open and transparent about the decisions that affect our students, teachers, and community at large.


Budget & Taxes

Our community has put a lot of faith in our schools, not to mention a lot of money. Tax payers deserve straightforward answers and a truly public budgeting process that includes strategic planning for long term funding solutions that come from a growing student pouplation.

Public Session

Quite simply, the school board must be open and transparent with the community. There should always be a robust, public discussion on decisions that affect our ability to create and maintain the best public school district in the state.

Board Member Availability

I look forward to meeting as many Vigo County residents as possible in 2020 and beyond. If elected, I hope to keep regular, public office hours and invite you to join me over coffee or weather permitting, for a walking discussion about our schools.